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5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Milwaukee Home Inspector

Asking your Milwaukee home inspector a few important questions ensures you receive a most thorough Milwaukee home inspection.  While making sure your Milwaukee home inspector is licensed and experienced is important, you should ask your Milwaukee home inspector five additional in-depth questions regarding their specific Milwaukee home inspection business and provided services for a truly comprehensive Milwaukee home inspection.

1. Is Milwaukee home inspection your only business?

Select a Milwaukee home inspector whose only business is Milwaukee home inspection.  Many independent Milwaukee home inspectors work on a part-time basis and are full-time plumbers, roofers, or other contractors.  These Milwaukee home inspectors’ report findings may be skewed by an interest to sell you a contracting service you don’t need.  The House Detective is a full-time, full service licensed Milwaukee home inspector providing reputable Milwaukee home inspection service.

2. Does your Milwaukee home inspector carry the proper insurances and workers’ compensation?

Make sure your Milwaukee home inspector has professional liability insurance including Errors and Omissions, and workers’ compensation.  Errors and Omission insurance protects you, the homeowner, and your Milwaukee home inspector from bearing the full cost of lawsuits and related cost of lives or property resulting from an error or omission during your Milwaukee home inspection.  Workers compensation covers your Milwaukee home inspector’s safety during Milwaukee home inspection.  The House Detective is a fully insured Milwaukee home inspector.

3. What type of Milwaukee home inspection report does your Milwaukee home inspector provide and when will you receive it?

Ensure your Milwaukee home inspector provides a report formatted so you can easily understand and access in a timely manner.  A Milwaukee home inspection report should always be in a typed or written format for easy future reference.  A good Milwaukee home inspector will have a report filled out and explained to you immediately after the Milwaukee home inspection.   Your Milwaukee home inspector should help you understand how to read the report and educate you regarding how to resolve any areas of concern within the report.  The House Detective provides Milwaukee home inspection reports printed on-site.  The House Detective’s home inspection report conforms to the State of Wisconsin statutes of practice governing home inspections.

4. Is your Milwaukee home inspector trained or certified in Milwaukee home inspection by a reputable organization?

Select a Milwaukee home inspector certified by a recognizable organization like the National Institute of Building Inspectors or the American Society of Home Inspectors.  With no official government regulation of the home inspection industry, certification ensures your Milwaukee home inspector meets strict guidelines set forth by the most reputable home inspection organizations in the country.  The House Detective is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors and is informed of Milwaukee home inspection business’ latest developments by maintaining a membership in various realty, home building, and home inspection associations.  The House Detective holds an A rating in the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau.

5. How long will your Milwaukee home inspection take, can you accompany your Milwaukee home inspector, and is your Milwaukee home inspector up-to-date with the latest Milwaukee home inspection equipment and knowledge?

A professional Milwaukee home inspection should last three hours maximum.  A good Milwaukee home inspector invites you along, offers valuable maintenance advice, and utilizes the latest Milwaukee home improvement equipment.  The Milwaukee home inspection specialists at House Detective encourage you to join us and ask questions during your Milwaukee home inspection.  We provide you expert advice on how your Wisconsin home works and how to properly maintain it.  Our Milwaukee home inspectors have a proficient understanding of the latest Milwaukee home inspection equipment.


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