Other Inspection Services

In addition to providing residential home inspections, House Detective Property Inspection Services provides a variety of additional specialty property inspection services and can meet any and all of your property inspection services needs. House Detective is a professional, full-time, full service, licensed and certified property inspection business. Owner and Certified Master Inspector, Kevin Bush, has the expertise and experience to provide you a complete inspection with the information you need before making the decision to buy or sell a property. We provide a multitude of other inspection services to fit your New Berlin, Brookfield, Waukesha, and southeast Wisconsin property inspection needs. We are dedicated to accurate and comprehensive quality house inspection work and would be happy to assist you with your property inspection.

Radon Testing Services in Southeast Wisconsin

House Detective provides Electronic Radon Testing—and we are able to provide radon testing with or without a residential home inspection or commercial property inspection. A radon test is separate from the routine home inspection, but can be conducted in conjunction with a home inspection. A radon test is inexpensive and having the test can provide peace of mind as you consider the purchase of a new home or property.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive substance which can cause lung cancer, and is odorless, tasteless and colorless. House Detective professionals can determine whether radon is present in your home, and can provide recommendations for eradicating the presence of radon if it is discovered. We provide you a written report with testing results. An electronic radon test is a safety measure for you, your family, your tenants or your employees as you purchase a new home or commercial property. Knowing this critical information about your property can provide peace of mind about the potential dangers of radon.

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FHA 203k Consulting Inspecting Services

House Detective Milwaukee home inspector is also able to provide FHA 203k Consulting Inspecting Services and is HUD certified. House Detective can assist you through the entire FHA 203k application process and execution, including the feasibility home inspection, utilizing a combination of Wisconsin health and safety standards as well as FHA minimum property standards. Further, House Detective Property Inspection Services will assist you with the FHA 203k contractor proposal coordination, work write up and cost estimates, and with final draw inspections.

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Commercial Property Inspection Services in New Berlin and Surrounding Communities

Commercial Property Inspection | House Detective Property Inspection Services

House Detective is able to provide commercial property inspection services, for single or multi-business properties all around New Berlin, Brookfield, Waukesha, and surrounding communities in southeast Wisconsin. Our home inspectors will provide commercial property inspections for buyers or for sellers and we will do a thorough and quality inspection to ensure your peace of mind. House Detective also conducts new construction commercial property inspections, including the pre-drywall inspection, the loan draw inspection, and partial inspections.

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Pre-warranty Expiration Home Inspections

To sweeten the deal, many homes sold today include a home warranty for a period of time. Sellers often include a warranty so buyers don’t have to worry about major home systems breaking shortly after closing. If you purchased a home with a warranty, it’s a great idea to have your home inspected before that warranty expires, so anything that is soon to break can be covered—potentially saving you a lot of money.

House Detective Property Inspection Services provides pre-warranty expiration inspections, to help you avoid potentially costly problems or repairs after your warranty expires. Before your warranty expires, schedule a home inspection with House Detective. We’ll point out any problems and to provide you with a comprehensive detailed report enumerating necessary changes, repairs, or updates. House Detective’s pre-warranty expiration inspection can easily pay for itself by saving you out-of-pocket repairs down the road and give you the knowledge, security and confidence in your home.

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Home & Property Insurance Claims Inspections New Berlin and Surrounding Area

Our home inspectors also provides insurance claims inspections, which are beneficial for the property owner and the insurance company. House Detective Property Inspection Services will inspect the property, assess and scope damages, take photographs, and provide a fair initial cost estimate of repairs. House Detective inspectors are not insurance adjusters and will not review the insurance policy that applies to the property, but we can provide an inspection of the home that can be used by the insurance company. After our New Berlin, Brookfield and surrounding area home inspectors provide the report to the property owner, the property owner can determine how to proceed with filing a claim with the insurance company.

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Capital Needs Assessment Inspections in the Milwaukee Metro Area

Our Milwaukee area home inspectors provide Capital Needs Assessment inspections and replacement reserve analysis. We will analyze the useful life of your property and will assist you in determining the correct amount of deposits to your reserve account on a monthly basis. The assessment assists the Wisconsin property owners by setting up a budget for the projected time span (typically 20 to 50 years) and also informs the property owners of immediate concerns or needs for the property. House Detective Property Inspection Services will show you where your replacement reserve accounts works or fails throughout the term of analysis, and will work with you to provide the information critical to your property. House Detective Property Inspection Services has experience with Capital Needs Assessment Inspections and is able to provide you real data and information to ensure the longevity of your property.

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