Commercial Property Inspections

House Detective provides commercial property inspections, for single or multi-business properties all around southeast Wisconsin. Our home inspectors will provide commercial property inspections for buyers or for sellers and we will do a thorough and quality inspection to ensure your peace of mind. House Detective also conducts new construction commercial property inspections, including the pre-drywall inspection, the loan draw inspection, and partial inspections.

Single and Multi-Unit Commercial Property Inspections

Commercial Property Inspection Service | House Detective Certified Master InspectorHouse Detective provides commercial property inspections for single or multi business properties. House Detective provides the commercial property inspections for buyers or for sellers, in the pre-listing or pre-purchase stage. House Detective home inspectors can meet any and all of your commercial property inspection related needs. We are a professional, full-time, full service licensed and certified property inspection business in Waukesha and surrounding areas. We have the expertise and experience to provide you a complete inspection and give you the information you want before buying or selling a commercial property.

Each House Detective commercial property inspection includes structural inspection, exterior inspection, roof inspection, electrical inspection, plumbing inspection, cooling and heating inspections and general property inspection. House Detective provides thorough inspections and we are committed to quality inspections to provide our clients the knowledge and security they need when buying or selling a commercial property.

New Construction Commercial Property Inspections

New Construction Commercial Property Inspections | House DetectiveHouse Detective conducts commercial property inspections for new construction properties in Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin. We provide the pre-drywall inspection, which is done before the insulation and drywall is installed. Our Certified Master Inspector will find any errors the builders may have made and will provide a list of items that should be remedied before moving forward. This will improve the longevity, safety and comfort of your business. Our inspector looks for greatly warped framing, missing hardware or elements and whether waterproofing measures were used. He looks at the ducts and pipes, checks the wiring and holes for wiring, and looks to the crowning of floor joists, among other common mistakes.

We also provide commercial loan draw inspections for new construction commercial property. House Detective completes accurate course-of-construction inspections that are used to keep on track cost-wise and to avoid over-billing. A loan draw inspection is a risk management tool used to ensure your new construction commercial property is completed as it should be, and is on track with the budget. Loan draw inspections can also be completed for lending institutions to minimize the risk of a commercial property development, as the accurate and timely reports provided by House Detective help ensure that a contractor is not in risk of bankruptcy or that the commercial project does not exceed costs significantly.

We can also perform partial inspections for new construction commercial property. Partial inspections are for when the owner has a concern with a particular system or systems and desires professional input on repair or upgrading. House Detective has the expertise and experience to provide you the knowledge and peace of mind as you buy or sell a new construction commercial property. House Detective Milwaukee home inspectors prides ourselves on our thorough and quality work, and is proud to provide the critical knowledge and security to both buyers and sellers of new construction commercial properties.