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Buying a home in Wisconsin? Make Sure to get a complete roof inspection

With the harsh weather that comes with Wisconsin winters, a roof inspection is critical when buying a home in Wisconsin. As roof repair and roof replacement is one of the most costly home repairs, it is important to get a Milwaukee roof inspection from a professional certified Wisconsin home inspector.

Your certified Milwaukee home inspector will check flashing for any signs of leaks or moisture, roof seams, and drainage such as gutters when performing a Milwaukee roof inspection. Your Milwaukee home inspector’s report will detail observations made in relation to the chimney, skylights, vents and other roof structures to provide you with a quality and thorough Milwaukee home and roof inspection.

In Wisconsin, improper roof insulation can cause ice dams to build up, causing damage to the roof. During your Wisconsin home inspection, there could be times when ice or snow is present on the roof, making a complete physical roof inspection hazardous. Your Milwaukee home inspector is not required to climb up onto the roof, however, many will if the situation is safe and they can do so without damaging the roof covering. The Wisconsin home inspection report does, however, require your Milwaukee home inspector to detail how they obtained their roof inspection. In the situation where a leak or damage is reported at some future time, your Wisconsin home inspector will be able to refer to the part of the home inspection report in which they state they were unable to access the roof physically because of safety or environmental reasons.

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